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  • Ryan Reynolds is happily outnumbered at home with wife Blake Lively and their two daughters.

    “There’s just more. There’s more love, there’s more diapers. There’s more all that stuff, you know,” the actor, 40, told Canada’s eTalk in a new interview.

    Reynolds joked that he’s doing his part to “wipe men off the face of the planet.”

    Reynolds once joked that he was going to name his firstborn “Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds.”

    He told eTalk, “I had [suggested] the same name, except with all the letters in the name being silent, which again was confusing for everyone. Especially me.”

    In all seriousness, he added, “We settled on the right one.”

    Reynolds and Lively are already parents to nearly 2-year-old James, who is enjoying being a big sister.

    “It was kind of profound,” the actor said. “I just love watching my older daughter take care of the newborn. That’s been kind of neat to see.”

    As for fatherhood, Reynolds said. “It’s the best thing. You know, it’s the best thing that could ever happen to you.”

    Credit: ABC NEWS

  • Ryan stopped by Conan on November 2nd. He talked about Halloween, showed off some spoof products, also him and Conan remade The Notebook kissing scene. I’ve added a bunch of Screenshots from the show and also from behind the scenes of ‘The Notebook 2’ kissing scene. Enjoy!


    If you want to watch the videos you can check them out here.

  • And a baby makes four!
    People and Us Weekly report that Blake Lively is expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds. A source tells E! News, “They are very excited. Blake always wanted two or three kids.”
    The actress was spotted filming reshoots for The Shallows in Malibu earlier this week, and appeared to be covering up her stomach area with an oversized robe on the beach. The 28-year-old gave birth to her first child, a daughter named James, on December 16, 2014, however, the news of the little one’s arrival wasn’t revealed until the following month.

    “If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would,” Blake told a recent issue of Marie Claire while Reynolds echoed similar sentiments in an interview with Details magazine.
    “We’d love to have a big family. We both come from big families—my parents did four, Blake’s did five. A lot of people say it’s crazy, but we’ll only know when we’re there, you know?” the actor dished. “We’ll walk through that fire pretty happily, I think.”

    source: E! Online

  • Big congrats to Ryan and all ‘Deadpool’ staff for this new record!

    Deadpool got off to a blazing start last night, with a stunning $12.7 million in Thursday previews. The film began its run at 7:00 pm in its various formats (DLP, IMAX, PLF, D-Box, etc.) and now all that’s left to do is speculate just how big the Ryan Reynolds superhero action comedy will climb over the President’s Day holiday. That’s the biggest Thursday preview audience ever for an R-rated movie, ahead of Fifty Shades of Grey ($8.6m on this very weekend last year from Universal/Comcast Corp.) and The Hangover part II ($10.4m back in 2011 from Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc.). The 20th Century Fox production, which is, of course, a spin-off of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is something of a test case in terms of selling a hard-R superhero comic book movie, something we haven’t seen that much of since Wesley Snipes’s Blade franchise came-and-went over a six-year period.

    Anyway, let’s grab the calculator and dive in. But either Deadpool is about to break a record for an R-rated debut or we’re dealing with Harry Potter/Star Wars/Twilight-level frontloading.

    First of all, if you’re wondering how this stacks up against 20th Century Fox’s prior X-Men movies, here’s the general scoop. X-Men: Days of Future Past earned $8.1 million on Thursday-at-10pm shows back in May of 2014 for an eventual $90m Fri-Sun/$110m-Fri-Mon Memorial Day debut. That means it made 9% of its three-day and 7.3% of its holiday debut on Thursday. The Wolverine earned $4m Thursday towards a $53m opening weekend back in 2013 (7.5%). X-Men: First Class earned $3.37m on Thursday in 2011 for a $55m weekend (6.1%) while X-Men Origins: Wolverine earned $5m at midnight towards a boffo $85m weekend (5.8%). And finally, X-Men: The Last Stand earned $5.9m at midnight in May of 2006 towards a $102m Fri-Sun (5.7%)/$122m Fri-Mon (4.8%) debut weekend. None of these apply because none of them made almost $13m before the start of the conventional weekend.

    For comparison, do note Fifty Shades of Grey ($8.6 million/$85.1m Fri-Sun/$93m Fri-Mon), Fox’s The Kingsman: The Secret Service ($1.4m/$36.2m/$41.7m), Warner’s American Sniper ($5.3m/$89m/$107m), and Walt Disney’s Ant-Man. Said Marvel movie earned $6.4m on Thursday for an eventual $57.25m debut weekend last summer. I am discounting The Hangover part II because it opened on a massive Thursday-to-Monday holiday weekend and thus was more spread out. Also not being counted is The Matrix Reloaded which earned $5m on Wednesday towards a $134m Thurs-Sun opening. Again, none of these are good comparisons but I wrote this yesterday when I thought Deadpool would do around $8m last night, so there ya go.

    For the record, Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, which Deadpool is not, generally pull in around 9-11% of their Fri-Sun totals on Thursday/midnight, a figure that would give Deadpool a debut of between $115m Fri-Sun/$141m Fri-Mon and $127m Fri-Sun/$156m Fri-Mon weekend. By the way, Warner’s The Dark Knight also did 11.3% of its then-record $158m opening weekend on its Thursday midnight performance back in 2008 while X-Men: Days of Future Past earned 9% of its Fri-Sun debut on Thursday, so said equation accounts for quite a few comparisons.

    source: Forbes
  • Ryan was guest at BuzzFeed Brews on February, 06 and had realized some revelations about a major scene of Deadpool movie including nudity. Enjoy!

    “I’m the youngest of four boys, so it’s not the first time I’ve fought another man naked in a burning building,” Reynolds said at BuzzFeed Brews.

    Deadpool is rated R for strong violence and language throughout, sexual content, and graphic nudity, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. That last element is thanks, in part, to a nude fight scene between Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and the film’s big bad, Ajax (Ed Skrein).

    And during a BuzzFeed Brews event on Feb. 6 in San Francisco, Reynolds said that what you see in Deadpool is pretty much what he’s working with. “There was a lot of me there,” he admitted of going full-frontal. “There’s nothing else you can do except to just sorta grin, bear it, and go, ‘All right guys, we’re all going to get to really know each other today. I may be sitting on this man’s face at some point, he may be sitting on mine.’ It was ugly but necessary.”

    The scene, Reynolds said, was an homage to Eastern Promises, David Cronenberg’s Oscar-nominated 2007 drama that memorably features a nude fight scene in a sauna between star Viggo Mortensen and a bevy of mobsters. “I always thought there’s nothing more frightening than trying to fight a nude man in a Russian sauna,” Reynolds said. “That’s my version of just hell I think right there. Like, if a guy is willing to fight you totally naked, that guy’s nuts. If [I’m] punched in the penis, I’m down. The fight is over. Just take my life.”

    But Reynolds also said he had some practice for the scene. “I’m the youngest of four boys, so it’s not the first time I’ve fought another man naked in a burning building,” he joked.
    For anyone who wants a hint of what Reynolds’ penis looks like before Deadpool hits theaters on Feb. 12, he offered this tease:

    source: Buzzfeed

  • Ryan is the star of the new Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial. You can now watch this spot here. Enjoy!

  • Sad news for Ryan’s fans in China. Deadpool movie won’t premiere in China due to some graphic violences, nudity, and profanity according to Zap2it.

    Marvel’s latest superhero film, “’Deadpool,” is one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2016 and has been since the first teaser trailer hit San Diego Comic Con two years ago. Unfortunately for Marvel fans in China, the “Deadpool” movie might not make its way into theaters due to the graphic violence, gratuitous nudity, and profane language violence depicted in the film.

    The U.S quickly granted “Deadpool” an R rating for its mature content, but unfortunately, China has no such rating system in place, making its censorship tests much harder to pass. From the Red Band trailer alone, it’s obvious that the film relies heavily on dirty humor and gritty action.

    The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Sunday (Jan. 17) that China’s censorship authorities did attempt to cut a clean version of the film, but the task of editing down the inappropriate content just wasn’t possible without causing serious plot damage to the movie.

    It’s hard to say how damaging the loss of the Chinese release will be to the movie’s profits, but it’s sure to make a sizable dent in what was likely to have been one of the highest grossing films of the year. China houses the world’s largest theatrical market outside of the U.S, which makes you wonder if the execs behind “Deadpool” won’t eventually try to make it work. 20th Century Fox declined to comment on the news of China’s ban.